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  • Level 4 Social Distancing in the Seoul Metropolitan Area Maintained for Two Weeks (October 4–17)

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1330

    Level 4 New social distancing guideline

    Adjusted social distancing measures

    (Period) Mon, Oct. 4 – Sun, Oct. 17, 2021 (for two weeks)

    (Level) Level 4 (Seoul metropolitan area) & level 3 (non-metropolitan area) maintained while adjusted considering regional situations

    (Private business facilities) Relaxed restrictions to alleviate operations of private business facilities, focusing on vaccinated persons without disrupting COVID-19 protocols

    ➊ (Weddings) (Before) Up to 49 persons (up to 99 persons for weddings without catering) at wedding halls at levels 3 and 4 → (After) Aside from the existing regulations, adding only vaccinated persons,* up to 99 persons (49 existing + 50 vaccinated) allowed and up to 199 persons (99 existing + 100 vaccinated) allowed for weddings without catering
    * 1 person per 4 m2 of wedding hall, up to 99 persons, and adding only vaccinated persons

    ➋ (First-birthdays) (Before) Up to 16 persons at level 3, and private gatherings restricted at level 4 → (After) Aside from the existing regulations, adding only vaccinated persons, up to 49 persons allowed

    ➌ (Outdoor sports facilities) (Before) Regional outdoor sports facilities restricted from operating due to private gatherings restricted at level 4* → (After) Aside from the existing restrictions on private gatherings, adding only vaccinated persons, and minimum player capacity** allowed

    * For instance, football requires at least 22 persons, but players are unable to rent fields due to private gatherings being restricted (i.e. 4 persons before 6 PM, and 2 persons after 6 PM).

    ** 150% player capacity increase for sports by type (e.g. min. 18→27 for baseball, min. 10→15 for futsal).