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  • New Episodes of “Online Seoul Life” Featuring WEi

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is set to upload new episodes of Online Seoul Life 2, a YouTube video series to allow the international audience to vicariously experience the charms and fun that Seoul has to offer in the midst of the pandemic and travel restrictions.

    This series, comprising 6 episodes in total, features the members of the K-pop idol group WEi who introduce various places in Seoul from Ikseon-dong to Euljiro, which are widely regarded as trendy spots in Seoul, and DDP, a landmark of Seoul.

    WEi members added zest to the series for many viewers as they took on missions according to the theme of each place, and solved quizzes to pick out the final winner.

    The first episode of Online Seoul Life 2 was uploaded on Wed, Nov. 10, and the SMG will upload new episodes on its official YouTube channel (youtube.com/seoulcityofficial) at 5 PM every Tuesday until Tue, Dec. 14. The cast members will speak Korean, but English subtitles will be available for international viewers.

    In the six videos, the members will explore places with different styles and beauty to explore the varied charms of Seoul.

    ○ Ep. 1: Euljiro – Transformation into Seoul’s newtro Hipjiro (Nov. 10)
    ○ Ep. 2: Ikseon-dong – Alleyways where tradition and modernity blend together (Nov. 16)
    ○ Ep. 3: Korea House – Taste traditional flavors in Seoul (Nov. 23)
    ○ Ep. 4: DDP – Exploring DDP in Seoul (Nov. 30)
    ○ Ep. 5: Spa Experience – Complete with red ginseng (Dec. 7)
    ○ Ep. 6: Sebitseom Island – Seoul’s #1 place for waterside leisure (Dec. 14)

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