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#Seoul Brand I·SEOUL·U Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

I·SEOUL·U, a Seoul Brand created by Seoul citizens, celebrates its 2nd anniversary since brand proclamation on October 28, 2015. A third generation open-ended city brand, I·SEOUL·U has become a brand that is shared freely by Seoul citizens as well as by fans of Seoul around the world. I·SEOUL·U is available in many places around Seoul as well as on-line, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s foreign language website and Seoul’s foreign language SNS.

#I·SEOUL·U, Popular among Global Citizens

I·SEOUL·U is a bridge that connects Seoul and global citizens. People living in Seoul, people touring Seoul, people who decided on Seoul as their next travel destination, and people who miss Seoul—are all using I·SEOUL·U via their SNS. As of October 2017, Instagram postings registered along with the hashtag #iseoulu has exceeded 60,000, and the images, photos and hashtags of I·SEOUL·U are being used actively on SNS channels worldwide.

#Various Events Planned to Celebrate the I·SEOUL·U 2nd Anniversary

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the I·SEOUL·U brand, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will host a number of special events including the Seoul Brand Forum “Seoul, Connecting Cities,” I·SEOUL·U Cultural Recharge Concert and Seoul Foreign Language SNS On-line Event. I·SEOUL·U connecting citizens, tourists and global Seoul fans, is scheduled to visit you through various channels in the coming years.

Citizen Festival for the 2nd Anniversary of Seoul Brand:
Oct 29, 2017 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM @ Oil Tank Culture Park
I·SEOUL·U Products, Buskings, Fashion Shows, Musician Concerts, etc.

Seoul Brand Forum “Seoul, Connecting Cities”:
Nov 9, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM @ Seoul City Hall
Attended by: city branding experts from Kumamoto, Japan/Hong Kong/Kyoto University, etc.

Seoul Foreign Language SNS On-line Event:
Seoul Metropolitan Govt. Facebook Page(ENG) (www.facebook.com/seoulcitykorea)
Seoul Metropolitan Govt. Weibo Page(zh-CN) (www.weibo.com/seoulblogger)
Seoul Metropolitan Govt. Facebook Page(zh-TW) (www.facebook.com/seoul.tc)
Seoul Metropolitan Govt. Facebook Page(JAP) (www.facebook.com/seoul.jp)