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Platform Changdong 61

Living for Myself, Space for Lifestyle


In the space for Lifestyle, there are many opportunities to learn and enjoy various contents like cooking, fashion, and photography presented by experts from different fields.


■ Cooking Class

Learn about dishes that are the latest trends in cooking and make signature recipes that can be shared with friends and family.

  • One-day cooking class with star chefs
  • Learning recipes that star chefs recommend
  • Time to share and enjoy the food that was prepared during class

Cooking Class

■ Style Up Class

Students learn about fashion sense through styling know-how and develop/craft quality items better than the brand–name products from designers and professional stylists.

  • One day fashion class with models, hair designers, and make-up artists
  • Fashion and beauty information and know-how from famous celebrities
  • Suggestion for custom built styling, coordination
  • Mix shop in the Multi-cultural Space: Enjoy through collaborations between artists and designers

Style Up Class

■ Photos in Class

There are not only learning programs that teach how to take a picture from professional photographers, but also programs that take you to places to practice through experience.

  • Short-term and long-term classes with professional photographers
  • Offers photography skills by professional photographers
  • Programs are run for shooting photographs and visiting sites

Photos in Class