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Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Yeouido World Night Market

One night world tour with Bamdokkaebi

Yeouido World Night Market

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market unfolded along the beautiful Hangang River nightscape.
With the nightscape of the beautiful Hangang River, enjoy traditional cultural performances, food, and handmade items from around the world.

Yeouido Hangang River Mulbit Square Every Fri. & Sat. 18:00-23:00

Yeouido World Night Market 01
Operating headquarters
• Information desk and situation room for Yeouido World Night Market
• Provides information about night market and help in case of emergency

Yeouido World Night Market 02
• Food trucks section for enjoying various food from across the world
• Provides a variety of foods, such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food, which represent the pride and thought of young chefs

Yeouido World Night Market 03
Things to buy
• Place for enjoying handicrafts and other items from around the world
• Provides a variety of handmade items, manufactured with brilliant ideas and skills, from unique handicrafts to daily items of social businesses.

Yeouido World Night Market 04
• Place for traditional performances from around the world
• Provides a variety of spectacles, such as modern performances, busking performances, and guerrilla performances.

Yeouido World Night Market 05
Resting area
• Place for enjoying food along the Han riverbank, with beautiful views of the Han river at night.