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The City of Communication

Changing Seoul

Many things have been changed since Seoul started to communicate with citizens through social media. One of the biggest changes is that Seoul Metropolitan Government has come to know what the citizens want and take quick actions through communication. It has also improved the satisfaction of citizens.


Example of social media communication) Safer Seoul with quick response to civil complaints

@daisypark73 @wonsoonpark Mr. Mayor, I found a bus related to captives kidnapped to the North is parked at the entrance of Sejongno Parking Lot around city hall during the morning rush hour. It is dangerous because it is close to a right-turn lane. Please, make it move.

@seoul_smc @daisypark73 Thank you for expressing your interest in our regional issue. From tomorrow, public servants will continuously control the relevant buses in the Sejong-ro during the morning rush hour. For more information, please contact Control Team, Parking Management Department (2148-3376).

@daisypark73 @seoul_smc I didn’t find the bus this morning so it was pleasant to drive through the road in front of city hall. Thank you for your quick action.

It was impressive that not only Seoul citizens but others also made proposals and participated in Seoul Metropolitan Government, and quick actions increasingly improved satisfaction of citizens over time. We believe that changing Seoul to a better place to live will be the true purpose of communication.


Future of Seoul as the City of Communication

Despite initial concern, it has been successful to open new social media channels including Kakao Story, Instagram and Facebook as spaces for two-way communication as well as direct participation from citizens instead of one-way announcements. With increasingly more citizens communicating with Seoul Metropolitan Government through all social media, now over 20% of Seoul population can be reached through SNS. The citizens have started to respond to our communication efforts. It has offered opportunities to more kindly explain about the city administration, know what the citizens really want, and take actions more quickly. Seoul Metropolitan Government will make efforts to become a smarter and faster “City of Communication” while remembering that the citizens are the key, and their opinions are the city administration, and communicate more actively.