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The City of Communication

Social Media for Communication


Seoul Metropolitan Government has made efforts to communicate with citizens through different social media. Of course, the feedback was not that enthusiastic from the beginning. Starting from the first blog established in September 2008, however, Seoul Metropolitan Government has discovered different social media channels and used them for smart and faster communication with citizens, resulting in trust and active engagement of them in the city administration.


  • Listen to citizens’ opinions
  • In-media information sharing rate: 65%
  • Twitter has been most effective in communicating breaking news and information related to the city administration.

  • Show sympathy with citizens
  • In-media sympathy expression rate: 78.8%
  • There has been high sympathetic feedback on sociocultural events and flexible expression of sympathy has contributed to an increased number of fans.

  • Share emotive images and videos
  • In-media sympathy expression rate: 97.1%
  • There has been high interest in posts related to events in Seoul.
Kakao Story

  • Spread information about the city
  • In-media sympathy expression rate: 48.6%
  • Comment rate: 37.4%
  • City administration marketing posts drove many replies while non-administrative posts received more likes and sharing.

It is somewhat natural for profit-oriented businesses to use social media as a part of marketing. However, it has been a meaningful challenge to launch a new space for an organization and citizens to communicate by using social media not for profit, but for the safety and convenience of the citizens. As a result, Seoul Metropolitan Government was awarded with the ‘Korea SNS Grand Prize,’ which is granted to a business or organization that contributes to active communication which encourages desirable SNS culture.