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2016 Plan of the New Deal Jobs

Plan of the New Deal Jobs


■ Goal

Intensive support for the New Deal Employment for young people to offer job experience

■ Main Plan

  • 1,268 jobs out of 1,688 providing for the youth aging from 18 to 39

for the youth(898) 53% | genaral(420) 25% | mendatory to include the youth (370) 22%

  • Extending the participation period up to 23 months for a career
  • Operating new businesses (16) for building careers
    – Seoul Performing Arts Company trainee, Exclusive Artist for My Store, life-long study coordinator, etc.

■ Areas of New Recruitments

Area Recruitment Details
Innovation 199 jobs in 3 initiatives • Young Activists for Social Innovation
• Young Activists for Regional Innovation
• Young Activists for Social Economy
Civic Convenience 122 jobs in 7 initiatives • Living Discomfort Complaint Troubleshooter
• Livelihood Tribune
• Smell Inspection Squad of Septic Tanks
• Workers to Ameliorate the efficiency of Seoul Metropolitan Area and convenience of the passengers
• Young volunteer coordinators in Seoul
• Community media activists
• Young activists in Citizens Hall
Traffic Safety 75 jobs in 3 initiatives • Seoul Transportation Troubleshooters
• Hearing-Disabled Surveillance Camera Monitors (for the disabled)
• Guides in Stations
Economy 205 jobs in 6 initiatives • Ubiquitous Farm Managers
• Youth Marketers
• Traditional Market Managers
• Seoul Energy Planners
• Exclusive Artists for Stores
• Fashion shows in everyday life
Welfare 480 workers in 4 initiatives • Seoul Energy Social Welfare Worker
• Childcare Helpers
• Housing Welfare Counselors at Housing Service Centers
• Tenement Housing Counselors
Urban renewal and development 5 initiatives
(120 persons)
• Project to Foster Urban Renewal Leaders in Changsin and Sungin Area
• Nagwon Dohwamun-ro New Taengniji
• Coordination Designer for Spotting Urban Facilities
• Structure Technicians to Procure Interior Space Information Seoul Design Consultant Supporters
Parks 3 initiatives
(63 persons)
• Nurturing Specialists for Lives
• Seoul Park Management New Deal Jobs
• Fruit Tree Managers of the Flower Rainbow Garden
Education 3 initiatives
(80 persons)
• Reading Education Mentors
• Visiting Instructor for Lifelong Education
• Coordinators for Lifelong Education
Public Service 5 initiatives
(165 persons)
• Supporting Counsellors for Lawmaking
• New Deal Jobs Manager (general)
• Citizen job Planners
• Prompt AIDS Examination Inspector
• Field Activist-Instructor for Rainwater Use
Cultural and Arts 7 initiatives
(179 persons)
• Seoul Museum of Art Curators
• Curators at Museums
• Munyejigi (Local Young Artists)
• Trainees in Seoul Performing Arts Company
• Seasonal Members of Seoul Metropolitan Theatre
• Fostering Culture and Art Mediators
• Youth Coordinators for the Hangang River Festival



  • Targets for the Recruitment: Unemployed Seoul citizens older than 17
  • Recruitment Period: Jan. to Apr. 2016
  • For More Information, contact Employment Plus (+) Support Center (job.seoul.go.kr, 1588-9142) or Dasan Call Center (120)