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Urban Agriculture

Reviving Traditional Markets

Traditional markets influencing the local residents’ economy have also been selected as subjects to be revived. These markets are undoubtedly great places to purchase quality products at low prices, yet people tend to go to the big marts instead. Why is that? Consumers have cited their outdated image and inconvenient facilities.

Thus, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has rolled up its sleeves together with the market people to improve the competitiveness of our traditional markets. As of 2013, facility communication projects have been implemented in 29 markets including Jongno-gu Gwangjang Street Market, improving facilities such as parking lot, customer convenience facility, arcade, aging and safety facilities, etc., and carrying out the environment improvement project, business district activation project, etc. Store owners were also trained in business so that they do not fall behind in the competition with the department stores and big marts. In addition, the market people made fresh resolutions to do better. Every second and fourth Sundays, the “Traditional Market Day” was operated to provide various discount events and direct agricultural product sales to the consumers visiting traditional markets to attract more customers.

Reviving Traditional Markets