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Seoul with happy children and secure parents “Happy Children ~ Seoul”

Expand public childcare
  • Expand the number of national and public childcare centers.
  • Operate Seoul-type childcare centers.
  • Open information on childcare centers for public viewing.
  • Eliminate unconditionally free childcare.
  • Appropriate supervision for special activities of childcare centers.
  • Guide and inspect childcare centers.
  • Support the operation of the comprehensive childcare support centers.
Improve the quality of childcare service
  • Nominate the person in charge of childcare in each neighborhood.
  • Provide customized home-visit consulting.
  • Operate secure monitoring group.
  • Support the visiting nurse service.
  • Conduct customized consulting by visiting childcare centers.
  • Support the budget for the improvement of treatment of childcare teachers.
  • Reinforce refresher training of childcare teachers.
Taking care together
  • Hold toy sharing festival together with social enterprises.
  • Support active joint childcare.
  • Operate the Seoul Children’s Museum.
  • Expand the installation of childcare centers at the workplace.
  • Activate the operation of integrated childcare centers for handicapped children.
  • Operate integrated childcare centers for multicultural families.
  • Offer various time-extended childcare services.
Create a childbirth- and childcare-friendly environment
  • Plan countermeasures for low fertility.
  • Implement a comprehensive plan for work-family compatibility.
  • Support childcare service.
  • Visiting class for fathers
  • Implement projects to improve low fertility levels.
  • Implement the Happiness Card project for as many children as possible.
  • Parent education at three-year neighborhoods
  • Implement HQ project for an environment conducive to childbirth.

Child Care Support Facilities

Community Troubleshooter of Childcare Problems “The leader of community childcare”

  • Provides information to help parents find a child care center for their child, provides simple nurturing consultation, find places in the community to go on outings, fosters childcare community within the community, and provides information on hospitals and public services, etc.
  • Provides the location-based childcare SNS Daum Happy Mom Service to promote the exchange of useful information among mothers in the community.
  • Contact : Dasan Call Center at 120


“Seoul Children’s Museum,“ a composite play and experiencing facility where children can learn while playing

The “Seoul Children’s Museum,” the first composite cultural space in Seoul exclusive for children, will hold special experiential educational programs throughout 2014 with interesting topics for each age group per season.
Regular programs include “Toddler Play School,” “Kids Cooking School,” and “Imagination Art School.”

Seoul Children’s Museum

  • “Toddler Play School” is a program for toddlers aged 20 ~6 months and is geared toward the development of physical, linguistic, artistic, perceptive, and musical abilities of babies. Interesting play activities will be done together with parents for 50 minutes a week, with different topics every week.
  • A new topic is selected per term at the “Kids Cooking School,” which is for children aged 5 ~ 7 years old. Following the “festivals and fairytales of the world” selected in 2013, the topic selected in 2014 is “good movies.” The program will foster sensory development, verbal expression ability, and creativity.
  • “Imagination Art School” is for 1st and 2nd grade elementary students and is held during vacation, once a week, for 90 minutes per class. Children will personally experience various art genres with drawing, performance, and activities combined with music and be able to improve their imagination and creativity while learning new methods of self-expression.
  • Location :216 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
  • Tel: +82-2-6450-9500

Seoul Children’s Museum


“Childcare Service”

  • Dispatch child care givers to families who want 1:1 childcare service
  • Provides all-day and part-time childcare by experienced middle-aged caregivers and trained student caregivers
  • Service Application: Apply for fee support at the community center in your district of residence in relation to services from the local Health and Family Support Center
  • Contact :+82-2-1577-2514


The “Dadungi Happy Card” provides various benefits to families with at least two children

  • Eligibility Families with 2 children or more, living in Seoul (youngest child must be under 13 years of age)
  • Major benefits: 5-30% discount on childcare necessities, 10-30% discount at culture/play facilities, 30-50% discount on eating-out, 30-50% discount on gas and Seoul Metropolitan Government-operated parking lots, 30-50% discount on the admission fees at Hangang  Park, and free admission to Seoul Sangsang Nara for families with at least three children
  • Application for  Card Issuance:  apply via Woori Bank, community centers, or the Dadungi Happy Card Homepage www.i.seoul.go.kr