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Climate & Environment

Policy Objectives

Seoul, a global climate-environment capital that recycles resources while producing energy!


Implementation Strategy

Voluntary participation by citizens + enhanced cooperation by businesses and other members of the private sector + Leadership by government and public agencies


Key Tasks

Nuclear power plant reduced by 2/3
  • Active promotion of efforts for One Less Nuclear Power Plant project
  • Creation of more photovoltaic power generation facilities
  • Growth of fuel battery power plants and cogeneration power plants
  • Development of small hydro power plant and heat energy generation methods
  • Early completion of an LED city that can be experienced by citizens
  • Accelerated enhancement of buildings’ energy efficiency
  • Propagation of citizens’ energy conservation-based lifestyle
  • Significant enhancement of citizens’ participation in the eco-mileage system
Development of world’s no. 1 recycling city
  • Expansion of “sharing marketplace” by citizen efforts
  • Promotion of construction of Seoul Recycling Plaza
  • Resolution of pending problem of landfills in the Seoul region
  • Efficient operation of resource collection facilities
  • Fundamental reduction of food garbage by implementing quantity-based payment system
  • Increase in number of food garbage treatment  facilities and measures to process food garbage / wastewater on land
Seoul with refreshing clean air
  • Intensive control of ultra-fine dust and nitrogen dioxide, which are highly harmful to respiratory organs
  • Maintenance of clean indoor air to build up a healthy city
  • Reduction of air pollution by operating more green cars while promoting environment-friendly driving
  • Enhancement of international exchange and cooperation to address climate change
Development of a clean and healthy environment
  • Making clean streets together with citizens
  • Deployment of systems for controlling toxic substances or VOC in neighborhoods
  • Full inspection of environment asbestos and removal of asbestos roofs
  • Creation of a city that is free from noise and odor