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C40 Cities Climate Summit Seoul

The C40 Climate Leadership Group is a voluntary consultative body organized by megacities of the world to address the grim implications of climate change on global communities. To confront the reality that megacities, which occupy only 2 percent of Earth’s total area, emit over 80 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, the group was launched in London to address the problem based on a proposal by former London mayor Ken Livingstone in 2005. Seoul joined the Group in July 2006.

  • Name: C40 Cities-Climate Leadership Group
  • Location: London, UK
  • Founded: Ken Livingstone, former London mayor, in 2005; expanded to C40 in 2007
  • Purpose: Network of megacities committed to addressing climate change


  • 40 mega cities and 19 observers
  • Steering Committee member cities and CCI host steering committee meeting (quarterly, conference calls) ※ 10 Steering Committee member cities  Berlin, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Jakarta
  • Summit conferences held for member city mayors every two years to report on the achievements of each city
  • Working-level workshops and small-scale conferences held as required
  • Concluded a partnership agreement with CCI in 2006 to help reduce carbon emissions and encourage efforts by cities to enhance energy efficiency.
Relationship with Seoul
  • Seoul participated in the Group on 2006.07.25 to join international cooperative effort to address climate change.
  • 2007 MOU signed for holding the 3rd C40 Megacities Climate Change Summit in Seoul
  • May 2009 : 3rd C40 Megacities Climate Change Summit held in Seoul
  • May 2011 : Participates in 4th C40 Megacities Climate Change Summit held in Sao Paulo
  • 2013 : Participate in C40 CPDP workshop – Presentation of Magok formation project
  • 2013 : Participate in C40 BRT Network workshop – Presentation of Seoul’s BRT policy
  • Feb. 2014 : Participate in the 5th C40 Summit (Johannesburg)
Relationship with Seoul
Relationship with Seoul