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Friendly Relations with Major Strategic Regions

Seoul Metropolitan Government is strategically expanding its programs for cooperation and exchange with the major cities of Africa, a continent which is recognized as a repository of natural resources and a region of great growth potential. Through these relationships, Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to improve the profile of its administration on the international stage.

Laying the foundations for continuous exchange by establishing sisterhood city relationships.
  • Sister city: Cairo(Egypt), established on 27.04.1997
  • Cities with which Seoul has signed a memorandum of exchange : Addis Ababa (Ethiopia 29.09.2010), Maputo (Mozambique 13.06.2011)


Support for Africa Day event
  • 25.05.2013, Gwanghwamun Square, participation by 17 African embassies in Korea


Promotion of Seoul through business exchange with city officials of African countries
  • On 25.07.2013, the ministers of five African nations (Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola) visited Seoul and were taken on a tour of the city administration.
  • Training program for officials of foreign cities, Master’s-level program for officials of developing countries, Global Village Festival, etc.