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Four Year Plan for Seoul

Dreaming City

Build a “Dreaming City” by securing future profit sources and growth engine

  • We will build a creative economy complex that is unique to Seoul.
  • We will revive the Sewoon Shopping Mall to serve as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of urban industries.
  • We will transform Seoul to attract 20 million foreign tourists.
  • We will become ranked third among MICE cities.
  • We will increase the number of jobs for youths and women.
  • We will increase the number of opportunities for our citizens to enjoy our culture by establishing five cultural facilities.
  • We will build the Seoul Innovation Park, attracting attention from all over the world.


Creative economy in Seoul will be realized through future industries, including the retirement industry digital and mobile convergence, and cultural content, by providing support for startups, distribution channels, research and development, and business positions.

Hongneung Smart Aging Cluster

In the location of the Korea Rural Economic Institute (21,937m2 in Dongdaemun-gu), which the Seoul Metropolitan Government purchased, the Hongneung Smart Aging Cluster will be established by forming an ecosystem for the senior care industry with cooperation among industries, academia, research centers, and government offices.

Gaepo Digital Innovation Park

In the location of the Gaepo International School (16,077m2), the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park will begin operation in 2016. The park will contain various facilities, such as the Convergence Technology Research Center, Techshop, and Co-working Center, and will be open 24 hours a day. It will serve as a place for creative and passionate people to learn, play, and cooperate with one another on developing new ideas based on digital and communication technologies.

Establishing Urban Renewal Headquarters

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will create an “Urban Renewal Headquarters” to take charge of urban renewal plans. The city government will also foster urban renewal support centers by region and invest KRW 2 trillion in the urban renewal project over the next four years. The first six regions will include the Changsin/Seungin and Garibong areas.

Attracting 20 million foreign tourists

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to push ahead with an improved tourism promotion policy to reach the milestone of attracting 20 million foreign tourists by 2018, two years early than previously planned. At major tourist attractions and on popular streets, the “Storytelling Seoul” program will be implemented, which will tell unique stories about Seoul. Also, any inconveniences experienced by tourists will be resolved, mainly focusing on Chinese tourists, so that they will be more likely to revisit Seoul in the future.

Creating jobs for youths and women

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide support for youth employment through technical training and startup support, such as the Challenge 1000 Project, which offers assistance to those who failed to maintain a startup business. Also, the city government will focus on increasing the number of social service jobs for women in the child and elderly care, health, and safety industries.