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Seoullo 7017 Project

Integrated Regeneration of Areas near Seoul Station and the Seoul Station Overpass Expected to Revive Local Economies

Seoul Station Overpass

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to transform the total 938 m of the deteriorated elevated roads near Seoul Station from a road for cars to a path for people. For the past 45 years, the elevated road has shared the glory and shame of Seoul City. The elevated road will be connected to 17 pedestrian roads through Seoul Station Plaza and the area to the north of Seoul Station. The construction of 17 pedestrian roads will open a new chapter of ‘walking tourism’ in Seoul’s history by connecting areas popular with tourists, such as Myeong-dong, Namsan, and Seoul Station through history, culture, and shopping. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to turn the Seoul Station area into a must-visit tourist attraction in Seoul along with Myeong-dong.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government established the Urban Renewal Headquarters to specify the details regarding a new paradigm for urban development called “Seoul-Style Urban Renewal,” instead of tearing down the aging structure, as they had in 2014. Regarding the elevated road near Seoul Station, the city government aims to create a role model for urban renewal projects that will trigger the revitalization of the Seoul Station area.