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Construction Allimi

What is Construction Allimi?

Construction Allimi is a construction information website that provides the public with all the necessary information about construction projects being carried out in Seoul. Using this system, Seoul citizens can obtain information about construction work being carried out near their houses and anyone can gain access to a wide range of construction information.


  1. Using the map search feature, anyone can gain access to the information of all construction sites.
  2. It provides various types of construction information such as the construction period, completion rates, photos of the work in progress, contract/execution status, approved documents, etc.
  3. It provides construction safety information, construction news, and past and present information of the construction work.
  4. It systematically manages all relevant information of construction work so as to answer citizens’ questions via mobile and phone.
Map search service
Current construction projects
Safety information
News and sharing

Providing information of construction work conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government

To date, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has disclosed construction information of public organizations at the request of citizens. The SMG has disclosed construction information since 2007 and improved its data structure and accessibility since October 2016 according to changing IT paradigms.

In order to increase citizens’ convenience, Construction Allimi ① introduced the reactive web service which can be accessed by anyone, ② improved text-based service to map-based location search service, ③ provided detail search features for convenient construction information search, and ④ categorized construction information for easy identification.

Providing creative services

Construction Allimi ① improved visual effects by displaying text information on a map. Citizens can gain access to ② construction information including the construction period, process, and personnel in charge with a few mouse clicks and ③ easily search nearby construction projects (within a 0.5-5㎞ radius) using the e-map and residence search features. In addition, Construction Allimi established ④ a communication channel in order to listen to citizens’ complaints and questions about construction work and ⑤ a monitoring system that citizens can apply for a visit to a construction site as a third supervisor.

Map search service

Map search service
Providing search features including detail search and location search

Past and Present

Past and Present
Comparing past and present of
the construction site

Questions and suggestions

Questions and suggestions
Listening to citizens’ complaints, opinions, questions, and suggestions relating to construction work in Seoul

A visit to construction sites

A visit to construction sites
Citizens’ visit to construction sites

Opportunity for value creation

The Seoul Metropolitan Government which supervises public construction projects balanced interests between interested parties of construction work, guaranteed citizens’ right to know, and created significant economic opportunities by disclosing all the necessary construction information appropriate for the needs of citizens.

Considering citizens’ right to know and the transparency of construction policies as its key values, Construction Allimi provides all the necessary information of construction projects and policies. Anyone can gain access to such information without joining the website.

The website of Construction Allimi (Korean) : http://cis.seoul.go.kr