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Diversifying Communication Channels

The Seoul Citizens’ Hall has been installed on basement 1st and 2nd floor in Seoul City Hall. It has been set up to help citizens take initiatives

Over 2.89 million people visited Citizens’ Hall from its opening on January 12, 2013, to November 20, 2014. This means, over 4,900 people visited Citizens’ Hall per day on average, with the exception of closed days. A total of 65 couples held their characteristic and personal weddings at Citizens’ Hall, and over 1,200 events, such as exhibitions, performances, and workshops were held by citizens by renting the hall. At the Seoul Speakers Corner, 2,364 people voiced their opinions.

Citizens’ Hall is a space of the people, for the people, and by the people, where an abundant number of concerts, flea markets and art markets, weddings, conferences, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions are held. In addition, there is a permanent exhibition of relics and artifacts that have been unearthed during the construction of the new City Hall as well as an exhibition of relics from gungisi, an official institution where weapons were made and stored during the Joseon Dynasty, which were also excavated during the construction of the new City Hall.

Citizens’ Hall is closed on Mondays. It is also connected to Exit 4 on Subway Line 1. Visitors can take a tour around the new Seoul City Hall as well as Citizens’ Hall on the Tong Tong Tour, the official tour of Seoul City Hall.