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Diversifying Communication Channels

“Eungdapso,” an Integrated Online Civil Complaints and Suggestion Management System

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  • The daily average of Eungdapso’s handling of complaints was shortened.
  • Made more convenient for citizens by unifying various online channels to receive complaints and suggestions, which have been independently operated up until now.
  • Now users can check “File Complaint or Suggestion” → Processing → Results” at Eungdapso.

In the past, each department and division in the Seoul Metropolitan Government separately received and handled related complaints and suggestions from citizens, making it inconvenient for citizens filing complaints and suggestions. In addition, if the employees in charge of handling the complaints were careless, responses to the problems were delayed or not provided. Reports regarding the process of the handling the complaints and suggestions were insufficient, and the process of submitting additional inquiries was difficult, resulting in lack of overall feedback after the complaints and suggestions were received.

Therefore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government began Eungdapso(http://eungdapso.seoul.go.kr/), an integrated online complaint and suggestion filing system, which integrated all the independent complaint and suggestion channels into one, on March 5, 2014.

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Eungdapso PC Website Main Page

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All complaints and suggestions can now be filed at Eungdapso, which was created in order to listen to every single Seoul citizen. To process all the complaints and suggestions faster than before, relatively simple complaints are immediately answered by Eungdapso, without contacting specific departments or divisions, and for complaints that are uncertain as to which department they should be handled by, the department in charge is determined through coordinated meetings.

Due to these efforts, the average duration of handling complaints has been shortened by a day compared to 2013 (3.8 days in 2013 → 2.8 days in 2014).

Moreover, Eungdapso provides information regarding all complaints and suggestions filed by the citizens regardless of the type. There are three divisions of such: Submission → Processing → Result. This way, citizens who filed complaints or suggestions can check on the progress of the handling of their complaints and suggestions.

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In the past, people had to file separate civil complaints if they had additional inquiries regarding the results of the complaints or suggestions. Now, people can submit additional inquiries immediately at Eungdapso, which provides practical and real services for Seoul citizens.

One citizen, who had filed a complaint through Eungdapso said,” “It was great. I felt like I was talking to the mayor.“ This is the reason and the result of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s efforts to develop and operate Eungdapso, the first integrated online complaints and suggestion filing system.