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International Student Internships

International Student Internships

The SMG has operated the Seoul Metropolitan Government Global Internship program since 2008 for 30 international students each during the summer and winter to provide them with an opportunity to experience the administrative affairs of Seoul and build a career. The program is the first to be implemented by a government organization in Korea and as such is highly popular each year. 529 international students from 73 countries have completed the internship in 18 groups. Global interns are placed in different departments of the SMG to perform a variety of tasks. They also visit administrative landmarks in Seoul and do volunteer work at a handicapped facility center.

View the 20th SMG International Student Internship Announcement in Detail: https://world.seoul.go.kr/20th-seoul-global-internship-recruitment-notice-4/?cp=6&cat=29

Inquiries: Foreigners & Multiculturalism Officer 82-2-2133-5077