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Seoul Town Meeting

Seoul Town Meeting

The number of foreign residents in Seoul, which stood at 260,000 in 2008 has increased to over 400,000 in ten years. The SMG has held the Seoul Town Meeting per topic-based or country since 2000, two or three times a year, to listen to the concerns of foreign residents and reflect them in policies. In 2016, the SMG held the meeting with residents from Thailand, Mongolia and India. Major policies realized through the meeting include ▴Building a foreigner school for foreign students, ▴implementing a capacity building business for the financial independence of Chinese-Koreans, ▴provision of community activity space for foreign residents, ▴ Multilanguage newsletter for domestic and foreigner communication and foreign resident correspondents in Seoul.

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Inquiries: Foreigners & Multiculturalism Officer 82-2-2133-5064