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What is the Seoul Health Call Center?

The Seoul Health Call Center (119) provides health consulting services, including consulting on routine health problems and health information, courtesy of specialist doctors, via phone and Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Medical interpretation services and hospital information are provided to expatriate workers and foreign tourists in English, Japanese, Chinese, Mongol, and Vietnamese. “Call 119 for your health problems.”

Health consultation scope

Overall health problems including medical information, health promotion, and prevention of diseases with regard to inquiries on specific diseases and symptoms


The Seoul Health Call Center is located at the total situation room of the Seoul Total Disaster Prevention Center (119) (Toegyero 26-ga gil 6, Jung-gu, Seoul).

Health consultation flow

Receive 119 phone calls

  • ※ Receive 119 phone calls ⇒ Provide medical information on hospitals and pharmacies (Emergency Situation Management Center) ⇒ Provide health consultation by specialist doctors (Seoul Health Call Center)
  • ※ The Seoul Health Call Center (119) makes emergency on-site appearance to respond to rescue, emergency, and fires.