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Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety

Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety

Measures for Public Welfare and Safety Expand Public Employment for Low-income Group Support for Credit Recovery for Young Credit Defaulters Activate Traditional Markets Early Budget Execution


As the recession has accelerated due to the sluggish domestic economy and shrinking consumer sentiment recently, the political confusion has intensified, causing confusion and anxiety among the citizens. In particular, the consumer sentiment index for November, 2015 recorded the lowest level since the global financial crisis (April, 2009). The economic growth rate of 2017 is expected to reach 2%, and the difficulties of citizens are likely to continue. Therefore, Seoul Metropolitan Government will actively push forward ten measures for public welfare and safety to support the lives and safety of citizens with the Seoul Metropolitan Council and 25 autonomous districts in Seoul.

Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety
Economy & Job Sector
• Expand public employment for low-income group
• Provide financial support for self-employed small business owners
• Support for credit recovery for young credit defaulters
• Activate traditional markets
• Root out illegal loans and businesses
• Early Budget Execution
Welfare Sector
• Find and provide welfare support for vulnerable households
• Support households suffering from energy poverty with heating supplies
Safety Sector
• Install fire extinguishers at traditional markets
• Intensive inspection and maintenance of facilities that are vulnerable to disasters