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Ten Measures for Public Welfare and Safety

Welfare Sector


Seventh, find and Provide Welfare Support for Vulnerable Households

The prolonged recession is hitting people with unstable income hard, due to unemployment and business closure, as well as existing socially vulnerable groups. The SMG will provide emergency funding and support to socially vulnerable groups and low-income niche households who can’t receive social and public support. To this end, in conjunction with the ‘Visiting Community Service Center’ project, the city will identify vulnerable groups and low-income niche households and provide 8 billion won for 10,000 households. Particularly, in order to search vulnerable classes thoroughly without a blind spot, the city will cooperate with institutions dealing with big data and related information (utility bills, national pension delinquency information, and others) and local welfare centers. It will manage vulnerable groups in an integrated manner. For the identified households, the city will take responsibility and support them until the crisis is resolved by direct methods such as expansion of Seoul’s emergency welfare support and easing the criteria for social benefits. In addition, by strengthening campaigns to spread the donation culture that citizens participate in, Seoul will expand welfare resources. Also, by utilizing talent donations and public resources, it will increase support for low-income niche groups so that they can stay warm during the winter without being isolated.

Welfare Support for Vulnerable Households

Seoul’s Emergency Welfare Support

  • Expansion of support target: Standard median income 85% or less
  • Expenses for living/housing/medical expansion: Up to one million won

Seoul’s Criteria for Social Benefits

  • Extend the period for workable household support: Six months
  • Ease the restriction of residence in the city: One month
  • Expansion of support to the households that have difficulties living due to severe disability by recognizing separately

Financial and Legal Support for Low-income Families

  • Expansion of Financial Welfare Counseling Center
  • Enhance on-site legal counseling at Public Law Center


Eight, Support Households Suffering from Energy Poverty with Heating Supplies

Due to cold weather in winter, the socially underprivileged such as people suffering from energy poverty is exposed to the cold and their health is being threatened. Therefore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government operates the Seoul Energy Welfare Citizens Fund to raise funds with energy costs that are saved by citizens. Seoul provides welfare services, such as energy efficiency projects, to energy-poor people including vulnerable groups in Seoul. Already in December 2015, “Da Ga On Seoul” campaign was launched and 20,000 energy-poor households were provided with the first step of support, and an additional 20,000 households will be provided with additional support by February 2017. The “Da Ga On Seoul” campaign, which means “more and warmer homes”, is a 2016 winter campaign of the Seoul Energy Welfare Citizens Fund to support the energy-impoverished classes in Seoul. Through the “Da Ga On Seoul” campaign, Seoul will expand the participation of citizens and businesses that are interested in social contribution in order to create a culture of sharing and to help the poor to stay warm in winter.

Support Households Suffering from Energy Poverty with Heating Supplies