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  • Seoul to Open Ten Youth Employment Academy Campuses to Foster Field-Oriented Talents for the Quaternary Industry

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will open Youth Employment Academy that provides free education to job seekers in their 20s and 30s who have the basic vocational skills and the will for employment to develop practical competencies for new digital technologies of Industry 4.0, such as AI and fintech, and also helps them find jobs and start their own businesses. With a plan to open ten campuses across Seoul by 2030, the SMG aims to foster two thousand technological personnel for the quaternary industry each year, and thus to supply field-oriented human resources that are needed by businesses and resolve the youth unemployment issue.

    While employment of young people continues to be stagnant, businesses are experiencing difficulties finding professional personnel in the field of new digital technologies. As such, the mismatch between demand and supply of human resources is being aggravated. Private educational institutions for new technological fields offer education programs at high cost, which is an economic burden for young job seekers wishing to start career in the fields.

    The SMG’s Youth Employment Academy is a total solution developed with the situation comprehensively taken into consideration. This is both Major Oh Se-hoon’s representative youth policy and a job ladder restoration policy proposed by Seoul Vision 2030, a master plan for the SMG’s administration over the next ten years.

    Reflecting the demand of IT and software companies, the SMG operates two curricula for STEM and non-STEM (humanities) graduates. It provides an opportunity for growth to the young job seekers selected through a fair screening process comprising of a written examination and an interview, etc. With the goal to have all students either find employment or start their own businesses upon completion of the educational courses, the SMG will support the students by fully utilizing its pool of over two thousand businesses that include “small giants” and those interested in recruitment.

    Currently in the second half, a total of 337 students are taking 15 educational courses at Youth Employment Academy. The first Yeongdeungpo Campus has opened its doors, and Geumcheon Campus will open later this December to start providing a course on digital transformation to promote employment of young job seekers who majored in the humanities. Moreover, Gangnam Campus will open by next July at Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC), and more campuses will open sequentially thereafter.

    The three directions of Youth Employment Academy are to have “flexibility” to reflect changes in the technological trend and ensure variability in its space and curricula, to be “demand-based” to reflect the needs of businesses and young job seekers, and to be “field-oriented” to provide education centering on projects led by people in the field. In line with these directions, the SMG developed curricula by surveying the CEOs and HR management officers of 401 IT and software companies located in Seoul about the companies’ technological and occupational fields and technological stacks. The curricula consist of courses aimed at fostering software developers targeting STEM graduates (8 courses) and those aimed at fostering digital transformation talents (4 courses) to enhance digital competency of non-STEM (humanities) graduates.

    The SMG will strictly control the quality of education offered at the academy, such as by conducting performance assessment in terms of the completion rate, employment rate, and satisfaction rate upon completion of education and also removing the courses that produce insufficient performance. The SMG will also help the students find jobs or start their own businesses by utilizing its pool of over two thousand businesses that include the small giants (586), Hi Seoul Brand certified companies (984), and those interested in recruitment (214) and its various employment and startup programs.

    Three Campuses of Youth Employment Academy (currently open, and scheduled to open)

    Three Campuses of Youth Employment Academy (currently open, and scheduled to open)
    Yeongdeungpo (Mullae-dong) Geumcheon (Doksan-dong) Gangnam (SETEC)
    ‣ Location: 30, Seonyu-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
    ‣ Scale: 3,611.31 m2 (B1F–3F)
    ‣ Capacity: 270 persons
    ‣ Location: 70, Gasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
    ‣ Scale: 1,632.4 m2 (B1F–4F)
    ‣ Capacity: 230 persons
    ‣ Location: 3104, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    ‣ Scale: 2,685 m2 (2–3F)
    ‣ Capacity: 320 persons
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