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  • Seoul Vision 2030 Theme Song & Jingle Contest Winners Selected

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held the Seoul Vision 2030 Theme Song & Jingle Contest to spread the core values and philosophy of “Seoul Vision 2030” with the public, seeing great response and submissions by both domestic and international citizens.

    A total of 280 works were submitted, including 117 theme songs and 163 jingles, in the 12-day contest run from Fri, Oct. 1 to Tue, Oct. 12. A panel of judges composed of experts in the fields of urban branding, advertisement and public relations, and music looked into various aspects encompassing thematic suitability, creativity, completeness and usability, and selected 17 works (1 grand prize, 8 theme songs, and 8 jingles) to be awarded in each theme song and jingle category.

    The winning work (20 second-long theme song) awarded with the grand prize in the contest was edited into various lengths (40 sec., 20 sec., 15 sec., and 3–4 sec.) through a professional company, and the created theme songs and jingles will be used for promotional advertisements, ringback tones, and more.

    ○ The theme song (40 sec., 20 sec., and 15 sec. versions) will be used in the production of promotional videos and radio advertisements for Seoul Vision 2030.
    ○ The jingles (3–4 sec.) will be played on the end screen for the Seoul Vision 2030 campaign video displaying the Seoul Vision 2030 logo, and also be added to the end of a ringback tone.
    ○ The SMG also plans to promote the theme songs and jingles of Seoul Vision 2030 through its website and social medial channels to publicize the core values and philosophy of Seoul Vision 2030.

    Grand prize winner Ha Yu-na said in her acceptance speech, “It means much more than its prestigious reputation. I feel thrilled as it is such a great honor to have the opportunity to see my work finding a way to promote the new visions of my beloved hometown.”

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