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  • Smart Poles Enhanced With EV & Drone Charging Capabilities

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has enhanced the capabilities of its citywide smart poles. Smart poles are part of the SMG’s smart city infrastructure that integrates street lights and traffic lights with advanced ICT, such as intelligent CCTV, public WiFi and IoT technologies.

    Smart poles for quick electric vehicle (EV) charging will be installed on roadside parking lots so that citizens can conveniently and quickly charge their vehicles. In addition, smart poles equipped with drone charging capability will be installed along Banpocheon Stream. The SMG plans to use these as charging stations for various drone-operated public services, such as real-time traffic analysis and illegal parking control. These smart poles also equipped with basic smart poles functions, such as intelligent CCTV and public WiFi, for comprehensive utility.

    The SMG will install ten of the two advanced types of smart pole (EV and drone charging smart poles) in five locations by the end of 2021.

    These smart poles will be integrated as roadside street lights to provide quick one-hour EV charging along with a range of smart functions, such as CCTV, public WiFi, IoT and city information capabilities, depending on the surrounding conditions to promote citizens’ safety, convenience and welfare. The SMG selected parking lots for installation to ensure EV drivers’ convenient access. Serving as a solution to the issue of insufficient EV charging stations, smart poles equipped with EV charging capability is also expected to serve as a catalyst for Seoul’s transformation into an eco-friendly city.

    With drone landing stations installed on top, smart poles equipped with drone charging capability also aid situational awareness and control through CCTV, WiFi and floating population sensor capabilities. Using these smart poles, the SMG will provide a range of pilot services. For example, they can be used to check real-time traffic in major nearby roads, control illegal parking, improve riverside environments, and provide safe return-home service.

    Separately from the special smart poles, the SMG will additionally install 211 smart poles in four autonomous districts (Guro-gu, Dongjak-gu, Gangdong-gu, Jongno-gu) by the end of the year. When the installation is completed, the number of citywide smart poles will increase to 247. In March, the SMG installed 26 smart poles in six locations, such as around Seoul Plaza, Sungnyemun Gate and Cheonggyecheon Stream, that provide functions customized to each area.

    Smart pole for drones (example)

    Smart pole for drones (example)

    Drone station and charging pad, Drone (mobile camera), CCTV (fixed camera), Comprehensive city information, Various compatible smart functions, Utilized as smart city infrastructure for improved traffic safety and convenience of citizens