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  • Bicycle Safety Training via Virtual Ttareungi Metaverse

  • Transport News SMG 992

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) created a metaverse to provide bicycle safety training and promote its Ttareungi public bike share scheme. The metaverse features Roblox graphics aimed at targeting teenagers, and offers various experiences from a store booth to cafe and more. Especially, it was decorated into a multiplex space for exhibits, education, training, games and experience so that users can naturally learn about bicycle safety by exploring the metaverse.

    The metaverse is largely divided into a promotion hall and a safety training center, where courses are classified by level (i.e. beginner, intermediate, general) with visual quizzes (i.e. bicycle traffic signs) to learn related content through games. Also, the experience hall offers a must-try program where users can experience the practical safety training test online, and even experience courses involving crosswalks, intersections, and straight/curved paths.

    The promotion hall covers just about everything on Seoul’s Ttareungi public bike featuring content such as its chronology, method of use, and contribution to reducing carbon emissions. There is also a photo studio, souvenir booth, and a cafe to give a feeling of visiting an actual experience hall.

    The SMG will continue to expand the metaverse with additional elements, such as helmets for avatars, to reflect users’ needs. By the end of the year, the metaverse will be linked with users’ Ttareungi website and mobile app to provide a ranking system where users can check their weekly and monthly rank.

    Ttareungi Promotion Hall & Safety Training Center via Roblox-styled metaverse
    Ttareungi Promotion Hall & Safety Training Center via Roblox-styled metaverse