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  • Ep. 5_Taking the Subway With Penguin!

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    The fifth installment of daily life in Seoul with Penguin!

    Did you all know that the world’s largest travel platform Trip Advisor selected “taking the subway in Seoul” as one of the must-do activities for tourists?

    Seoul’s subway system ranks as one of the best public transit systems in the world, and there is no denying that with its excellent service from free WiFi to convenient transfers, cleanliness and low fares.

    Let’s take a look at how Penguin and Mev experienced Seoul’s fast and reliable subway system loved not only Seoul citizens but also international tourists!

    * Penguin (@plm_penguin) lives in Korea with her British husband Mev, and tells stories of funky yet useful information about traveling in Seoul.

    [A subway station in Seoul]
    “We’re right here. And we need to go here.”
    “Isn’t it too far to go with a kid? It seems hard to go there.”
    “Also, we should consider the ticket price.”
    “Look, daddy, It’s moving!”

    “Hey, Korean subways are way better than you think!”
    “In Seoul, you can go anywhere like mountains and national parks by the subway!”
    “Old stations were recently renovated! They got smarter!”
    “Hmm.. there wouldn’t be much difference.”

    “You can use free Wi-Fi! Look at that 3D map and TV screen.”
    “The station is also fresh and clean, right?”
    “Wow… How can a subway station be this nice?”

    “Phew, I bet the fare is high, since we came all the way here really fast!”
    “Nope! Only a little. We have this much change left!”
    “Great facilities and affordable public transportation… I wish I lived here..”