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  • Ep. 6_Seoul City Tour Bus With Soosemi!

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    The sixth installment of daily life in Seoul with Soosemi!

    Want to tour Seoul with just one ticket? Hop on the Seoul City Tour Bus!

    Seoul City Tour Bus takes passengers around to the most popular tourist spots in Seoul.
    From palaces where you can experience traditional culture to the urban landmarks of Seoul,
    there are 7 courses in total, including the popular Gangnam course!

    Enjoy the panoramic views of Seoul from the double-decker bus
    while listening to the audio guide available in 12 languages!
    Only on Seoul City Tour Bus!

    Check out Soosemi’s highly-recommended Seoul City Tour Bus!

    * Soosemi (@soosemi_diary) writes witty and sensible sitcom of everyday life with cute drawings in vibrant colors.

    Tommy is planning for a tour in Seoul!
    I’m helping him to make plans on a video call.
    “I’m so excited for the trip to Seoul!”
    “What kind of tour would you like to enjoy in Seoul?”

    “I’d like to visit the places where Seoulites like to visit!”
    “Also, I want to see the famous landmarks of Seoul!”
    “Hmm… Then.”

    Seoul City Tour Bus is the answer!”

    “With Seoul City Tour Bus, you can visit popular tourist spots in Seoul with only 20,000 won!”
    “Where are those destinations?!”
    “You can choose when and where to get on!
    A variety of courses are prepared, so all you have to do is choose one of the routes!”

    “On a double-decker and open top bus where you can enjoy Seoul’s view,
    listening to a voice guide in 12 languages,
    you can look around charming Seoul, and visit fabulous palaces and museums, safe and comfortably.”
    Gwanghwamun, Namsan Mountain, Sebitseom Island, 63 Building

    “Seoul City Tour Bus is not just a simple tour bus.
    You can find the beautiful natural sceneries of Seoul
    and guess how beautiful the nightscape is from the bus!”
    “Alright! I’ll take the Seoul City Tour Bus!
    Can’t wait to visit Seoul!”