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  • Night Patrol Service Sees 160 Cases of Safety Reports Over 60 Days

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1058

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has initiated its citywide night patrol service in residential areas concentrated with single-person households since October 25, 2021. Night patrols conduct surveillance activities around neighborhoods carrying light sticks for citizen protection, neighborhood safety, nighttime road safety, and more.

    The night patrol service is currently under pilot operation in 15 areas with a high concentration of single-person households and targets vulnerable to crime. Each region has four patrols (two teams of two patrols) in charge of crime prevention and safety from 9 PM to 2:30 AM.

    The patrols wear high-visibility uniform equipped with flashlights and light sticks to enhance their crime prevention activities.

    Their main tasks consist largely of crime prevention surveillance and neighborhood safety activities that involve reporting crimes and emergencies immediately to the local police station for quick response as well as reporting daily life problems to the district office for follow-up inspection.

    The SMG’s night patrol service will strive to provide citizens with safe urban environments by providing improvement measures from the results of the current pilot operation so that all Seoul citizens can live without worrying about crime, including single-person households.

    Night patrols (2 teams of 2) Reporting a hazard on the sidewalk (e.g. construction site)
    Nighttime road safety patrol Reporting a hazard in the neighborhood (e.g. broken window)