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  • Online New Year’s Bell Ringing Ceremony at Bosingak Pavilion

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is set to host the annual bell ringing ceremony on New Year’s Eve at Bosingak Pavilion online for the second year in observance of COVID-19 protocols. The event will be streamed via the SMG’s YouTube and Facebook as well as on TBS (Traffic Broadcasting System) and other TV channels starting at 11:30 PM on Fri, Dec. 31.

    Only 14 people will get the chance to participate in the bell ringing ceremony to ring the bell a total of 33 times. Participants include Mayor Oh Se-hoon and ten citizen representatives who shined in 2021, such as professional archer An San, actor Oh Yeong-su, and rapper Lee Yeong-ji. Citizen representatives were chosen based on those who have given the Korean people hope and courage this year from a variety of fields from freedom and peace to public safety, social welfare, science, multi-culture, pop culture and promotion of national prestige.

    In addition to the bell ringing ceremony, the online stream will also feature videos of ringing a miniature Bosingak bell at sunrise attractions around the country, congratulatory performances for the start of the new year with Bosingak Pavilion in the background, and words of encouragement and greetings for the New Year from celebrities and citizens.

    Mayor Oh Se-hoon will also express his New Year’s greetings online, saying, “Although the ceremony will be held online for the second year in a row, I sincerely hope that the ringing of the bell will reach every one of our citizens with dreams and hope. I extend my words of gratitude for everyone who has wisely overcome the difficult and tough times this past year. In 2022, the Year of the Tiger, we at the SMG will do our best to regain our normal daily lives as soon as possible.”

    There will be no extended operation of buses and subway this year as the bell-ringing event will be held virtually. Those who return home in late hours on this day will need to check the times of final trains and buses. On Fri, Dec. 31, the roads surrounding Bosingak Pavilion will operate as usual without any traffic control.

    This year’s bell-ringing ceremony can also be checked out via metaverse and 360° VR. Access the SMG’s metaverse by clicking the top banner on the SMG website, and take a virtual tour of Bosingak Pavilion and Seoul Plaza while also experiencing the bell ringing ceremony. For more information, visit the SMG website (english.seoul.go.kr).