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Employment Trail

Operating Plan for Employment Labor Bureau


Launching the Employment Labor Bureau to play a pivotal role in planning and carrying out a package of job policies focusing on actual working status

■ Goal

  • Create stable jobs for Seoul citizens
  • Improve working environment and workers' labor welfare
  • Securing enough power to execute planned labor policies

■ Scope of Work

Labor Policy Division

Scope of Main Tasks Details
Creating future jobs focused on the youth • Reorganizing the Employment Plus (+) Support Center
• Finding excellent small and medium-sized companies and matching their new jobs with the youth
• Operating New Deal Jobs initiative
Setting up a job policy system • Setting up a lifelong job training system following life stages
• Operating Job skill training centers focused on futuristic job training
• Establishing a co-op system between the central and regional government to prepare enough numbers of the agencies for employment service
• Taking opinions on employment policies from citizens, experts, and related organizations
Launching Youth Job Team • Expanding services for employment to a tangible level
• Reorganizing measures for job support


Labor Policy Division

Scope of Main Tasks Details
Spread Seoul-type labor policy model • Creating decent jobs through reducing working hours
• Making policies acknowledged by the field
• Appointing more honorary labor ombudsmen
- Specialized counsel and help for vulnerable social groups
Launching Labor Protection Team • Securing labor rights and promoting labor welfare policies
• Analyzing working conditions and establishing a comprehensive support plan for workers’ mental health
• Announcing the guideline for securing workers’ mental health rights


Social Economy Division

Scope of Main Tasks Details
Support social economy organization • Supporting the stable operation of social economic organizations including social enterprises, village-level businesses, and cooperatives
• Increase in number of autonomous district social economic support centers from 6 units to 15 units
• Running a Social Economy Special Zone to solve regional problems and designating more prep special economic zone from 6 units to 12 units by 2018
• Expanding the volume of Social Finance and mitigating conditionality


Business Incubation Division

Scope of Main Tasks Details
Establishing infrastructure enough for start-ups • Developing Seoul Start-up Hub and offering one-stop total service by 2017
• Operating northeast region start-up center and Seoul global start-up support center
Creating start-up models with partnership of public and private sectors • Cooperating with non-governmental experts and start-up institutions to establish a new supporting model for start-ups
• Educational support for those who are planning to begin a start-up
• Invigorating investment through strengthening networks with investment companies