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Seoul Metropolitan Government operates various projects to improve the lives of women

  • Gender equality
  • Women's independence
  • Women's health
  • Women's safety
  • Safe environment for women
  • Women's wellness
  • Encourage attentiveness to women’s issues and development / Increase the availability of facilities for women, such as rest rooms and parking spaces / Implement customized policies for women → To realize gender equality! To promote life-changing policies to create better jobs and working environments for women and to improve health, safety, and housing. /For women to take initiatives!

10 projects in 6 major areas

Realizing real gender equity

① Making Seoul a leading city of gender equity

Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating various policies for women that reflect modern gender values and realize true gender equity in areas like politics, economy, society and culture.-Establishment of the nation’s first Gender Equity Committee, Enactment of the Basic Ordinance of Seoul on Gender Equity, Strengthening gender impact analysis, Gender budgeting, Expanding women’s participation in policymaking, Reinforcing cooperation with women’s organizations.

② Introducing the viewpoint of gender equity in urban space and facilities

Seoul City is designing urban space and facilities from the viewpoint of gender equity to reflect the needs and preferences of women.-Establishing a gender-sensitive urban development model in Magok District, Improving and expanding convenience facilities for women (making dressing rooms co-ed, Improving women’s restrooms in the market, Making handicapped toilets in subway station gender-specific).


Improving the working environment and expanding job availability for women

Although the rate of women’s participation in economic activity is increasing, it is a mere 52 percent in Seoul , the lowest level among OECD member nations. To improve this situation, various policies are being adopted to improve both quantitative and qualitative aspects.

③ Improving working conditions and environments for women

Converting non-regular female workers into regular employees (beginning with the cleaning profession, which has a high ratio of women (81.6%), guaranteeing break time for women working in the distribution industry (revising the ordinance in 25 autonomous districts to reduce working time, launching a campaign which guarantees women the right to work in sitting position instead of standing).

④ Expanding the availability of quality jobs for women

Expanding jobs for
women employed in the service sector, employing regular workers by expanding available facilities for women and families, opening the business establishment plaza and contest for business establishment with a handicraft theme, job training and job arrangement customized for women’s needs in all stages of life


Taking lifelong care of women's health

⑤ Taking lifelong care of women's health

The services
devoted to women’s health leave a lot to be desired, even though women are fundamentally different from men physiologically and socially and therefore require specialized care. (Women are living longer in unhealthy conditions than men, and significantly more women have acute diseases, chronic diseases, depression, etc., than men.)– Health management for pregnant women and women of childbearing age by operating health management programs for women in each district (distributing iron pills and folic acid pills, designating seats for pregnant women on the subway), operating counseling centers for depressed women in each district, dispatching babysitters.


Zero violence against women

⑥ Creating an urban environment that is safe for women

Seoul Metropolitan Government is focusing on the implementation of policies for women’s safety in response to the reality that more women feel insecure due to continuing instances of sexual violence.-Environment safety network (home crime prevention service, Safe Delivery for Women, crime prevention through environmental design ), Human safety network (scout for the safe return home of women, safety village for women, village guard), Traffic safety network (midnight owl service, subway sheriff), Prevention-based countermeasures (Internet citizens’ monitoring group, campaigning for the eradication of violence against women), One-stop service for report & protection. (professional legal and medical consulting, expanding protection facilities for female victims of violence).

⑦ Policies for the support of single women

One out of four households in Seoul is a single household, with women accounting for 53 percent of them. This rapidly changing social environment has been reflected on the establishment of a comprehensive policy for one-woman families, which received a superior award in the UN Public Administration Awards.-Provision of public rental housing for single women, visiting health management service for working single women, customized anti-smoking and anti-drinking clinic, job fair for single women, promoting communities for single women, operating female-friendly nighttime and weekend sports programs.


Material and emotional support for birth and child care

⑧ Forming a balanced environment for work and family

Policies are being implemented to create an environment for a balance of work and family so that citizens of Seoul can be satisfied with both aspects.

  – Establishment of the nation’s first workplace network support center, opening a center for the support of work-family compatibility, fostering a family-friendly culture at the workplace. (Activating the flexible working hour system and maternity leave, consulting family-friendly management)

⑨ Securing public childcare

National and public childcare centers will be increased to two centers per neighborhood (dong) by 2014 so that citizens can have equal and fair access to the benefits; the brand is being standardized to enhance the quality of service.


Living well together

⑩ Living well together

Vulnerable women such as handicapped women and marriage immigrants are taken care of comprehensively through these services.-Opening of manpower development center for handicapped women, executing the “All happy Seoul plan” to support the settlement and self-reliance of marriage immigrants, support for the livelihood and independence of single-parent families, implementing special measures to prevent prostitution among teenage runaway girls.