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Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0

Smarter and More Comprehensive
Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0


The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the ’2016 Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0′ policy with the goal of creating Seoul where all female citizens can live in safety. The policy is designed to analyze and improve major vulnerable areas in women’s safety since 2013, and has been implemented specifically for today’s highly developed society. ’2016 Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0′ also includes policies to create an environment where women can remain safe day and night and suggests ways for women to keep their own safety using up-to-date smart technologies.

In addition, the SMG presented safety services of Seoul to the international community in order to draw attention to women’s safety around the world. To do so, the government attended the 60th UN Commission on the status of Women held at the UN headquarters in New York to present the Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0 and discuss measures for exchanges on women-oriented policies with UN Habitat and UN Women.

Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0

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Safe Seoul Day and Night, Smart One-stop Safety Network

The SMG continues to adopt continuously developing smart technologies to strengthen the safety system of the city. The existing CCTV and the integrated control center will be linked with smartphone applications to establish a safety system that responds more easily and swiftly.

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Safe Seoul without Blind Spot

That SMG is responding actively to crimes in daily life, including spy cams and dating violence, which are increasing. TFs will respond to each type of crime and engage in consultation and education for preventive measures, and will implement reinforcing countermeasures as a result.

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Women to Play a Key Role in Overcoming Disasters

The SMG will enhance related infrastructure for women to act more actively and respond for safety. The Disaster Preparedness Manual and Safety Experience Center will be reanalyzed with perspectives of women to provide and reinforce resulting educational benefits.

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Improved Services for Women’s Safety & Convenience

The SMG will expand existing services for women’s safety and convenience to the entire city so that citizens can use them more conveniently. The currently operating Women’s Mail Box and Women’s Safe Shelter will be expanded and indexes related to women’s safety will be developed to be applied to policies.

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