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Public Transportation

Reality and Problems

  • The great majority of roadside bus stops are old and narrow, thus endangering the safety of bus passengers and pedestrians alike.
  • There is an urgent need for new bus shelters for protection against snow and rain, and a new user-friendly traffic information service system incorporating information technology that will be suitable for everyone including the disabled and the ‘traffic vulnerable’.


  • Plan to improve 5,712 roadside bus stops
  • ① Improvement of the design of bus stop shelters : development of Seoul's standard design② Increase in number of bus stop shelters : 1,489 shelters (26%) → 3,808 shelters (more than 66%)
  • More convenient facilities for citizens: BIT(in 2,784 stops), route maps (57,120 pages), Braille blocks (in 3,808 stops)
  • Installment and operation of BIT at bus stops not included in the 5,712 roadside stop improvement plan. ※ Reducing single-side BIT and increasing double-side BIT for the convenience of citizens
  • Voice message service (equip with outdoor speakers).

Touch-style BIT (Notice for arrival of bus, 3 languages, PR of civic affairs)

Scene of shelter being installed at a roadside bus stop